Saturday, October 18, 2014

Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric Sheer Blush 305 Dolci

I have been wanting to own a Cheek Fabric since I heard they were out. I just couldn't decide on which shade to get even after poring over the numerous swatches. Finally after poring over The Beauty Look Book's swatches I decided to order Dolci.

There are a total of 8 shades available. I wish they would name their shades on the website. 

I am so glad I chose Dolci. I love peachy orange shades and this is just the perfect peach. It is a luminous shade with fine shimmer. It is not overly pigmented so it is very easy to wear.  It is very finely milled and blends easily onto my skin. It lasts about 4 hours on me.

USD $46

I am totally in love with these new Cheek Fabrics. I wish I could see them in person to swatch them instead of relying on online swatches. 

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy CC Lipstick 510 Dolci

(Taken from Giorgio Armani Website)

With Rouge Ecstasy, the Giorgio Armani laboratories push the boundaries of the exceptional even further with the first “CC” lipstick. “Color  and Care” – new innovative hybrid product that marks the start of a new era in lipstick.

Care: Rouge Ecstasy offers the comfort and softness of a lip balm, leaving lips repaired and beautifully enhanced day after day.

Color: This velvety soft, everyday lipstick coats the lips in saturated, ultra-luminous shades with impeccable hold. Application is simple, precise and effective.

Rouge Ecstasy is available in 36 luminous shades—a broad palette of intense and vibrant colors to enhance and satisfy every desire. All of the Rouge Ecstasy shades are inspired from a particular memory or association for Mr Armani. From Italy and Milan to the Red Carpet and Hollywood stars.

I have been wanting to try the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy CC lipstick for ages. Unfortunately every time I visit the DFS Orchard counter I don't seem to find a colour that I wanted to own. I hate that we seem to get a smaller selection of colours as compared to what is really available. There is supposed to be 36 shades but unfortunately we don't get to see all the colours here.

I decided to ask my lovely friend to score Dolci while she was overseas. Based on the online swatches, I thought Dolci would be a great colour and it is!

I would describe Dolci as a warm red toned rose with hints of brown. It isn't opaque but it isn't very sheer either. When I first applied it on my lips, I was slightly surprised by its hard texture. Normally sheer lipsticks are quite soft. This hard texture doesn't affect how it glides smoothly on my lips. It just feels different from the norm. It feels balmy and moisturizing.

The casing has a heft to it and looks like the Rouge D'armani. The is a magnetic thingamajig that ensures that your favorite lipstick cap doesn't fall out and proceed to colour the entire contents of your makeup pouch. Just that it is red in colour. It is just me but I am not feeling for the red colour casing.

I think this is a great lipstick. It feels luxurious on my lips and differs from my usual opaque lipsticks. Dolci is a easy to wear colour that looks refined. Something I slap on my lips when I can't think of what lip colour to wear with my eye shadows. I definitely prefer this to my Chanel Rouge Coco Shines because it gives me more colour.

US $34

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Sunday, October 12, 2014

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush 5 Rouge Effrontee and 7 Corail Affranchi

Today I have for you another two of YSL's Baby Doll Kiss and Blush for review. I'm really lucky to have sweet friends who know me so well and understand my craving for makeup. Thank you M for Rouge Effrontee. Kiss!

In my previous reviews of Fuchsia Desinvolte and Pink Hedoniste, I find the lighter shades to look better on me as blush than lip shades.

Corail Affranchi is a gorgeous peachy orange shade. 

Rouge Effronte looks like a coral red to me.

This is how Rouge Effronte layered over my Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil in Orange Red looks like on my lips.

I still prefer using these as blushes instead of lip products because I just can't get past the fact that if I use the applicator on my lips, the applicator is going back into the bottle and perhaps contaminate the rest of the product. I'm also just too lazy to use a separate lip brush to scoop out the product. I might put in the extra effort for Rouge Effronte but not Corail Affranchi, it is just too light as a lip shade on me.

That being said, I think these a lovely textures for a blush. They blend well into a matte veil of colour and it stays on for about 5 hours through sweat.

I don't like them much as lip products because even though they aren't drying but they don't feel balmy or moisturizing enough for me (I'm kinda spoilt that way).

Ratings: 3++ lipsticks

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Project Swap: Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette The Golden Goddess

The first Charlotte Tilbury palette which I originally wanted to get was The Golden Goddess but I decided to go against my natural instincts of getting yet another neutral palette and bought The Rebel. As much as I love it, it doesn't get enough mileage as my neutral palettes just because neutrals are so much easier to pair. I have been dreaming of The Golden Goddess every since I bought The Rebel because I love the quality of the eye shadows. I am so happy that dear Luna of The Flintstone Loves Pretty loaned this to me to play with. And seeing how my record with stuff loaned to me by Luna, it is highly likely I will buy this for myself.

I literally oohed and aahed when I swatched this. This is so my kind of palette. A touch of golden warmth and those sparkles on the third swatch to the left is just too pretty for words. I am in love. The first, second and last eye shadows are creamy and pigmented. The third shade is a sparkle shade that feels drier to the touch. This shade does not feel gritty at all unlike some sparkly eye shadows. I think this shade just adds that something special to this palette.

This palette is total love. I am definitely getting my hands on this palette the first chance I get.


Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Monday, October 6, 2014

Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleaner

You know when you are a lazy girl like me, you will look for ways of getting out of doing stuff. I know I should be washing my brushes more often but sometimes I just want a quick clean. That's where the Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser comes in. 

I use to use the MAC Brush Cleaner for ages for I found out that they were quite harsh and rusted the metal ferrule of my Hakuhodo brushes. For a long time, I sucked it up and faithfully washed my face brushes once a week and my eye brushes on alternate weeks. 

But you know how sometimes you use your eye brush for a dark colour and on the next day you want to use the same brush again but you can't because it is dirty and sometimes wiping the brush on a tissue paper just isn't going to cut it. The Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleaner is just great for that. 

(Taken from the Make Up For Ever website)

Instant Brush Cleanser cleans, purifies and protects all synthetic fiber and natural hair makeup brushes. Its gentle, alcohol-free formula is enriched with mint essential oils and perfectly removes the most pigmented and lono lasting textures. Cleanse brushes daily for the longest use. Quick drying.

Generously spray the brush cleanser on a tissue and wipe any product from the brush fibers. Reapply if necessary. Wipe any excess product with a dry tissue. If the brushes are quite dirty, soak them in a recipient (the cap) filled with brush cleanser. Remove excess of product and let air dry on a flat surface.

Isododecane, Glyceryl Caprylate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil, CI 61565 (Green 6), Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol.

So here is how I go about cleaning my portable face brush. I don't advise you do this often. A good wash with soap and water is still the best to get rid of all the dirt. This is when you seriously don't have the time.

All you need is a tissue paper.

I spray about three pumps onto the tissue paper and if you can see, the tissue paper is wet.

I gently brush my face brush to and fro the wet portion of the tissue paper.

After one round of cleaning, my brush looks cleaner.

I'm still not satisfied. I want it cleaner so I spray another round on another tissue paper and brush my brush to and fro one more time. This time it is much cleaner. I leave it to dry for a few minutes and it is good to go.

I really how convenient this is. It is great for travel. Best part is the fact that it is gentle on my beloved brushes.

SGD $32

Rating: 4 lipsticks