Thursday, September 22, 2016

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Tonic

I like Urban Decay shadows. They are finely milled and pigmented. They also have some of the most funky colours. 

Tonic swatch on the left
Tonic is a duochrome shade of lilac and blue.

SGD $30

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil Ripe

I love these Nudestix pencils. They are emollient and last well as blush. They are easy to blend too. As lip colours, they glide on my lips. They don't feel dry on my lips but neither are they particularly moisturising.

I love how easy they are to carry around and how easy they are to use in general.

Ripe is a peach shade. It is too light for me as a lip shade so I use this mainly for blush. I usually draw two lines from the sides of my cheeks towards the nose and use a fluffy brush to blend. 

USD $24

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Rush, Ravenwood and Cruel

Mommy stop disturbing my nap and get those things off me!
Rush (Cream)
Ravenwood (Cream)

Cruel (Metallized)

Left to right: Rush, Ravenwood and Cruel

If you go to the stand alone stores, the SAs there are really nice and will give you samples to try out. I am so happy to get this. I can try many of the colours from the Vice collection.

Overall the cream and metallized formula feel lightweight and glide onto my lips. They aren't long wearing but do apply opaque with one swipe but with the metallized formula applying slightly sheerer. The price point is really nice, I don't feel so guilty about picking up more lipsticks.

I don't usually pick metallic or glittery shades for lips, for one I don't like the look or the gritty feel. Cruel was a colour suggested by the MA who said that I could wear it on its own or on top of Rush and Ravenwood. Cruel did not feel gritty at all, I was surprised at how nice it looked on my lips just by itself. Now I have my eye on Big Bang! 

The silver packaging looks nice. I hear that they are supposed to be shotgun shells. I don't like that they are supposed to look like that. I don't think guns and bullets should ever be glamourised. What do you think?

SGD $29

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Urba Decay Moondust eyeshadows Stellar, Vape, Space Cowboy and Solstice

I have gone a little crazy with these Urban Decay Moondust eye shadows ever since I was recommended to them by Kas, my fellow makeup enthusiast who loves all things sparkly and bright, like me!

These aren't new (there are a total of 23 shades on the website) however there are new shades. You can't find the new ones at Sephora stores though, you have to pop by the Urban Decay stand alone stores at either Vivocity or Bugis.

Stellar on my lids

Wearing Vape on my lids

Wearing Space Cowboy tapped on top of cream eye shadow

When applied dry they aren't much to crow about but when applied wet, omg that bling just blows you away. 

I started out with just having Space Cowboy and Solstice but eventually Stellar and Vape joined in as well.

You can wear it two ways, tapped over another eye shadow either powder or cream. I love using Space Cowboy for this purpose, right on the middle of my lids for that shine. Or applied wet and packed on. I like using Urban Decay's De-slick Oil control makeup setting spray which is slightly tacky in feel. I dampened my eyeshadow brush with De-slick and pick up my eyeshadow and then press the Moondust eye shadows on my lids. The glitter in these shadows are not chunky so it does not feel gritty. There is slight fall out so it is best to apply some loose powder under your eyes to catch the fall out. Once set, it stays put the whole day until you take it off.

My Urban Decay single shadows were growing so I went back to the store and bought myself a empty palette to store them in. The palette costs SGD $40 and can be stacked on top of each other should you get more. The single shadows are so easy to depot, just push them out from the pots and place them into the pan.

Left to right:
Toxic, Stellar (dry and wet), Vape(dry and wet), Space Cowboy (dry and wet) and Solstice (dry and wet)

If you love bling like me and want to add some on your lids, Moondust eyeshadows are fantastic. They stay put the whole day and are really easy to apply. Just be careful of fallout when you first apply them on your lids. My picks are Soltice for the awesome brown blue glitter shade and Space Cowboy to add oomph to your existing eyeshadow shades. 

SGD $30

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Becca Luminous Blush Foxglove, Snapdragon and Tigerlily

I fell in love with Becca all over again especially when they came out with these gorgeous blushes. I am a blush hoarder after all.

Tigerlily on my cheeks

Snapdragon on my cheeks

Foxglove on my cheeks

Left to right: Foxglove, Snapdragon and Tigerlily

These beauties have the right amount of pigmentation and glow. They blend easily onto the skin and thus very easy to apply and not easy to overdo.

SGD $54