Friday, August 1, 2014

NARS Final Cut Collection Satin Lip Pencil Descano

I really love Satin Lip Pencil. I have been hoping that NARS would come up with more. When I saw the Final Collection, I was very happy to see 4 new colours added. However the 4 new lip pencils veer towards the light and nudish range. 

Villa Lante
Torres Del Paine

You can check out The Beauty Look Book's amazing swatches.

Based on her swatches I decided to get Descano hoping that it would look natural on me.

In my heart I kinda had a niggling feeling it was going to be too pale for me and true enough it wasn't love at first application. It is a pale nude on me. I look sick!

I figured out a way not to look too sickly though. I used my Make Up For Ever  Aqua lip liner in 2C to fill in my lips. Then I applied Decano over it. See it looks slightly better.

I bought a dud. I have enough nude lippies to last me a life time and I don't need anymore. I wish it was a tad darker though that I would be able to wear it without hassle.

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sponsored Post: Charee Lashes 5296

(From the press kit)

Brand Info

Our Charee lashes born in early 2014 and finally ready to embark the beauty journey together with the beauty lover around the world. Made in Indonesia, this local brand are carefully curated with our lash master to give the best of both important point; look and comfort.

Launching the very first 10 favourite models, Charee lashes is suitable for everybody! Be it the natural look for daily use, glamorous for the girls night out or even to a romantic date with your loved one.

Using only the best of synthetic fiber and the clean and natural human hair, making Charee lashes one of the most comfortable lashes to be. Do join and let us dress up your look with our gorgeous lashes for a beautiful you.

SGD $7.99

Lash Type: 5296

Product description:
COLOR: Black
LENGTH: Medium
Price: SGD 7.99
*glue included

Here are the lashes up close. You can see the transparent band where the lashes are attached to. I usually line this band with a black liquid eye liner to ensure that they aren't visible on my lashes.

Handy little applicator to help apply glue on your lashes. This little bottle is good for quite a few uses but do wipe the applicator before you put it back in the bottle. I found that if I don't, product comes out from the bottle when I try to push the applicator back into the bottle.

Lash 5296 are perfect for date nights out and on smoky eyes. They give my eye lashes an extra oomph without looking overly dramatic or drag queen like.

Overall, I am loving this pair of Charee lashes. At SGD $7.99 these are affordable and the best part, it can be used over again so long as you take care to clean them and maintain them. I don't advise you using them too many times, after all these are very close to your eyes. Keep them clean. 

The thing with lashes is if you are taking photos or performing go for the dramatic ones but if you are going out on a date wear the natural ones. You don't want to scare your date off by having spider legs for lashes. :)

Last tip: Line your lids thicker than you normally do and tightline your tip lashes. This will help your lashes look more natural on your lids.

You can buy these at

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi Effect Quadra Eyeshadow 204 Tisse Vendome

The Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow is the newest offering from Chanel. I always had some hits and misses with Chanel quads but I read that these had amazing pigmentation so I had to visit the counter for a swatch.

I was blown away by the pretty swatches at the counter. I was deciding between the safe option of Mademoiselle or Vendome. I decided on Vendome instead because of the gorgeous peach shade.

(Taken from the Chanel website)

A palette of four eyeshadows that features the most advanced innovation to enhance creativity. Its optimised formula unites softness and easy application to express maximum colour: consistent, luminous and even all day long. The shades come in a variety of effects: matte, satiny, iridescent or metallic.
A practical and portable black lacquered case with a large mirror. 

Result: The four eyeshadows blend endlessly to define natural, intense, sophisticated or smoky eyes.
A formula that enhances colour and makeup effects. 

• An exceptional concentration of long-lasting pure pigments for a wider range of effects and intensities 
• A jellifying system and a blend of polymers and spherical powders for:
o a soft, creamy, glide-on texture 
o shades that blend together perfectly
o an even makeup result
• A new manufacturing process for easy application and immediately intense coverage 
• A total absence of talc for heightened colour radiance and luminosity 
• Synthetic mica to ensure consistency between the colours in the case and the makeup result on the eyelids

These are swatches made with the applicator given. One swipe. Just look at the gorgeousness. 

Here is a simple look I did with Vendome. I sweep the peach shade on my lids over my crease. I use the cream champagne shade to highlight my brows and blend with the peach shade.

I used the dark brown on the outer corner of my eyes and used a smidgen of the light brown on my crease.

I lined it with my Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in black (oops sorry about the smudge) then added my favourite Charee Lashes No. (to be reviewed later I promise.)

I am very pleased to pick up this palette. The new Chanel palettes have an upgraded formula that is soft, shimmery and pigmented. They blend very well. With my Urban Decay Primer Potion, it lasts until I take them off.

Vendome is a beautifully coordinated palette with the bright pop of peach to add excitement to an otherwise staid set of colours. I can foresee the different kinds of looks I can do with this from an office friendly look, a fun summer look or even a subtle smokey look.

If I remembered correctly this sells for SGD $90 at the counter, please correct me if I'm wrong. It sells for USD $61. Mark up is high for this one so grab your either at DFS Changi if you can or order this online.

Ratings: 4- lipsticks (just because you cost a bomb!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guerlain Rouge G 76 Gracy

I don't think Gracy will be my last Rouge G. I am totally hooked on these.

Gracy is what I would call a fun summery colour that is suitable for day wear. It is a bright coral pink that goes on a little less opaque as compared to Gladys. The formula is creamy and it feels great on my lips.

Here are all my Guerlain Rouge Gs altogether. 

From left to right; Geneva, Gracy, Gladys, Gigolo and Gala. These are truly hoard worthy lipsticks. The excellent formula matches the luxurious casing.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Food and miscellaneous ramblings

I am stuck at home at the moment, healing from a tooth extraction. How many of you fear the dentist? Me, I am deathly afraid. After watching a very traumatic experience that my mom had to go through when I was young, I decided to avoid the dentist at all costs. As children we were given free dental checkups and services in school but after secondary school I have not gone for a checkup until 5 years ago when I had the worst toothache. It kept me up the whole night and when I managed to see the dentist the next morning it was such a relief to get rid of the pain. I swore I would visit the dentist regularly but  (hides face) I didn't.

Well about more than 2 weeks ago I broke part of my tooth. I lasted about a week before I made myself go to the dentist. The sharp edge was rubbing my tongue and I was talking funny. The tooth was badly decayed and had to come out. I was so scared! I made another appointment to have it out on Monday and so for the previous few days I have been pigging out. 

Sunset Way has bakery gems I tell you. Drips Bakery has the nicest tarts and I just couldn't resist buying one.

Right opposite, Balmoral Bakery has been serving up the bet traditional cream cakes since 1965. I have a fondness for the vanilla cream cakes whereas hubs love the coffee cream cakes. Best eaten straight away, these cakes are soft and fluffy and the cream just enough for it not to be cloying.

Hubs had been trying his hand at baking meats in our little toaster oven. This time round we baked pork with potatoes, squash, carrots and tomatoes.

This was what I prepared for work lunch for the next few days. Spinach and minced meat pasta with cheddar cheese ready to go into the oven. I love my pasta!

So as I was saying, I was a total baby at the dentist yesterday. For one whole week I was freaking out about my impending "doom". Guess what it took less than 5 minutes to take that offending tooth out. The dentist was really kind, he numbed the area with cream before even injecting me so I felt very little. You cannot imagine my relief when I felt my tooth come out. All that freaking out for that. Gee I am embarassed. I am going to hide in shame right now. Have a good weekend people!