Monday, May 18, 2015

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Collection 2015 Cream Cheek Colour Pink Sand

You probably notice by now that my posts are erratic. I must apologise for that, lately I feel like I'm getting kicked by life in the butt. I need time to get my life in order and get my mojo back. I will still post but not as regularly as I wish to.

Anyway I have really come to the point where enough is almost enough. I'm not really getting excited about new releases and I don't really see the need to get more makeup. I am being very selective of what I buy and will probably be like this for quite some time. 

I however did break my ban for Tom Ford. The images of the cream and powder shadows called to me. The Eye and Cheek Compact called to me too (I missed out on last year's and have kicked myself ever since). I have to admit I splurged on this collection. 

I pre ordered my items from Neiman Marcus. I regretted not getting Midnight Sea so when I heard that it was in the Singapore counter I made a very rare trip to Orchard Road for some retail therapy.

I did not intend to get Pink Sand but the counter swatches did me it. It was emollient and blended easily on my skin. The pink gold shade was too irresistible. It was a very satisfying shopping trip for me. Heh!

Without further ado, let's take a look at Pink Sand.

The creamy white and gold casing calls to me. Its sleek and oh so luxurious. It isn't easy for me to open this though but I don't mind one bit.

I would say that Pink Sand would look better on lighter to medium skin tones because it will show up better. On me, it is a light glowy golden pink flush. It lasts about 3 to 4 hours. I applied it under and over powder with no problem at all. It blends well and does not appear patchy at all. I would think it is more suited for dry to normal skin as it is more emollient in texture.It is a limited edition piece so get it quick while it is still available. $87 is too high a price to pay for a cream blush, I wasn't thinking honestly when I bought this.I was in a "get it now" mode where brain function is minimal.

SGD $87
USD $65

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

Here is my look for my shopping trip. I thought it would be fitting to wear a mostly Tom Ford look to go buy more Tom Ford. Heh.

Lady Snow trying to get me to quit playing with my makeup and pay some attention to her instead

Lips and Boys in Michael

Tom Ford Cream Eye Colour in Escapade and Three Flash Performance Eyeliner pencil in 06
I'm loving my new white dress with the embellished front. Trying darn hard not to squint when the sun is right in my eyes.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints 09 Cold Copper, 10 Senso, 11 Rose Ashes and 12 Gold Ashes

As promised, here are the rest of my Giorgio Armani eye tints. I call this my neutrals edition. It was so difficult to decide on which colours I like without having to test them out in the counters so I ended up with 4 of them. I shall let my swatches do the talking.

Left to right: Cold Copper, Senso, Rose Ashes and Gold Ashes 
Cold Copper on my lids
Senso on the outer corner of my lids
Finished eye look with Cold Copper and Senso
Senso unblended

Rose Ashes on my lids
Super sparkly Gold Ashes on my inner lids and Senso on the outer lid

Of all these 4 shades I love Cold Copper which is a gold/brown shade and Senso which is a slight reddish brown shade best. They are a neutral lover's dream. Rose Ashes is unique with its flashes of pink. I don't really like Gold Ashes  because it is very sparkly. I can't wear this on its own. Instead I dab it on the inner corner of my eye lids.

USD $38

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

Friday, April 24, 2015

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints 4 Emeraude and 7 Shadow

It was only time before I got my hands on these eye tints. I totally love cream eye products. It was very unusual for me, instead of getting neutrals I went for Emeraude and Shadow. In fact the online swatches are totally irresistible. 

Emeraude unblended
Emeraude blended
Completed eye look

These are very pigmented and come with a flocked applicator. I don't use the applicator because it gives way too much product. I use my eye shadow brush to pick up pigment and apply close to my lash line then blend upwards. They dry down very fast, so blend quickly. I have tried applying powdered eye shadow over these eye tints with great success. Emeraude gives my dark eye shadows an extra dimension. These are crease and smudge proof and they wear well on me the entire day.

Between Emeraude and Shadow I love Emeraude more. It is a complex blackened green, Shadow doesn't get much love from me because I was hoping for a taupey shade, instead it is a grey with lilac which doesn't sit so well with my skin tone.

I will be showing you the neutrals in the next post. Yup I went and ordered more the moment I tried these two. I can only say that the neutrals are so much easier to work with because they are lighter in shade.

In conclusion, the dark colours are gorgeous but may be little tricky to apply because they dry down really fast. I can't really blend it as much as I would like to unlike my Tom Ford cream shadows which are so easy to blend. That being said, they are totally smudge proof and crease proof which makes it a total yay for me.

USD $38

Ratings: Emeraude 4 lipsticks Shadow 3+ lipsticks

Monday, April 20, 2015

Addiction Lipstick 013 Desert Rose

I really wanted to try an Addiction lipstick but the last time around while I was in Japan I think I was so overwhelmed by the other Addiction products that I could not decide which colour to get. I was probably afraid I would cart the whole store back home to Singapore with me.

So now that I was back in Singapore and I have ample time to do my research and choose I decided to get a easy o wear shade in Desert Rose. I am so lucky to have enablers who are willingly to feed my addiction for Addiction. 

There are two finishes for the Addiction Lipstick range, P for pearl finish and S for sheer finish. Desert Rose is a sheer finish. 

Addiction also has another line of lipstick called Lipstick Pure that features vivid colour. There are 8 shades.

That being said, I don't find the shade range incredibly exciting for me. There are altogether 13 shades available, however, I don't see any colours that is getting me hot and bothered if you know what I mean. Maybe Elvissa Dream or Super Woman.

The packaging is a no nonsense sleek black casing that clicks shut. In line with the entire make up range. 

Desert Rose is a sheer medium warm rose shade that enlivens my face subtly. It is fast becoming my number choice lipstick to wear for work because it is work appropriate and matches well with my entire look. It is very natural looking and very wearable. Slap on and go kind of lipstick. It is emollient and moisturising with the right amount of slip. It is not particularly long lasting but it wears well and reapplies beautifully each time.

3024 yen

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 28 Cooper

Here is my final review of the Tom Ford's Lips and Boys collection, Cooper.

Copper on the far left
Copper is a bright fuchsia pink shade. It can be amped up if you apply more. 
Single application

Double application

Here is a comparison with Francesco. Honestly you don't need both. To my eyes, Copper is slightly more toned down as compared to Francesco.

Left to right: Francesco and Copper
Here are all my Lips and Boys.

Left to right: Francesco, Copper, Cary, Didier, James, Michael and Alejandro
Ratings: 4+ lipsticks